I shave 4 weave

by Daziki

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This is my first "major" album. It has 7 songs on it and is just beautiful. Thanks to all who helped with this.


released August 17, 2015

Producers- De FROiZ, Snarf, KandenHemp
Features- CoolSwim



all rights reserved


Daziki Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Welcome Back
Shit alot is fucking with me But welcome back anyway ha, Good to see you, you looking fit man.

I didn't think this was how you
Planned to have a life, but I'm proud and true
Welcome to the beginning
This track is on crack and wrist splitting
Ear wrenching I'm like a tool
And a drug, fuck you up, puddles of drool
Take a swim, No guard on duty
Feel apart of an unruly
Ungodly shit I'm a fraud and shit
I'm on the end of the rod and beams
So hot from my words of heat
And I beat myself up alot
But I'm making it
Standing on two feet
Taking it
Looking forward to tomorrow
Waiting its
Kinda hard, and I'm scarred
But the past has past but I am still hating it
Money is leaves, I'm raking it
Weed in the oven
I'm baking it
Giving love by the dozens
I'm fading with
All my emotions
This shit is like tokens
I put em in and get shit in return
Leaving burns
Mornings are sharp turns
Recall the night before
Talking to that whore
I dont know anymore
But I forgive her for
my pain
its insane
And my brain
Is a derailed train half the time
I wanna cry
She's a crime in my mind
And I have to put her away
Life time sentence
I want a lifetime of okay
But she got justice
And its too much its
Not gonna... end
Track Name: Taurus
I used to give a fuck about everything
Who I hung around,if I could hear sound, or what I sing
Closing the chapters of the days I pray with pastors
Give some shits and throw em like chimps that are captured
Sitting in my room after the rapture
Dawn of the dino, I'm fighting rhino's on a raptor
My drugs all in one pot, smoke it, expect my life full of explosion
Dependent on narcotics when my skills are too exotic
Fuck up my head to feel more demonic
Or feel my body feel the speed of Sonic
And feel depressed so that's a level up
Not an alcoholic but maybe one more cup
And put a smile on my face when I feel the grace of love
Then OJ the bitch away, I'm fucking up
I feel pretty happy that I'm feeling okay
Couple of homies by my side, in my truck, we fade away
Driving around the city, go to play pool, or fool with the cool kids and give em pity
Really shitty and bullies attempt to hit me
But its not effective and I reflect the hectic with a second expected attack
And if they even think to hit back
I'll make sure to wipe off their existence with a match
Turn em to ash, but continue to have fun
Go outside and feel alright under the sun
Sit by a tree and smoke a tree, come with me
Leave me be
I'm indecisive so sorry about that fact
If we can get past then I hope we can last
But one more secret, and it's that --
Track Name: 594
Im coming in the game
Im fucking everything
Im wild and untamed
Wanna put me in the zoo
Im a rare species
Coming from the bottom
Ya verse like feces
Cant beat me
Its a turtle race
I brung the rocket shoes
Im rocking shit
Emporers New Groove
Grew into it
7 foot now
King Kong, ima smash it
Dashing like I'm the flash and
DC I see them D's
1 + 2 = you and me
Plus yo friend over there
yall compete
Over who gets me
Square up
I got 90 degrees with a P90 on me
The past is behind me
She call me
So I deny clean
Then dropped her
Like towers
When bush called into power
I'm highly Toxic
Call me Vomit
Barf up some flames from my hot shit
In your face, Chris I'm copping
Yo ideas
My eye on you
I make it clear
Passports Im international
Worldwide I'm magical
Place to place
no trace no trace
High stakes High stakes
Like Dracula with his high estate
I'm high like Kate
On cloud 9, clean slay
With Loli comin in ready to slay
Kill the shit, Kurt Cobain
Track Name: Endspire
Yea yeah

I fucking inspire
Try to add
I'm positive you'll expire
And my life will seem to get higher
They'll nickname me top altitude
And scream so mother fucking loud
All they hear is my damn amplitude
And fuck those who say I cannot do
They'll step off the pedistool
And wrap the noose, kick the stool
I'll laugh and watch, as they begin to drool
Thirsty of my success
I'll give an outstanding address
As I am president of this mess
Never the less
I'll never forget
The ones who gave me a boost, and gave no rest
I'll never rest
and Never lose
No contest cuz
I'll manage through
I'll never stop
Fuck the red and fuck the blue
Handcuff then
For murdering
Beats and hands
of those that I past commend
And praise the one that I command
Follow me, I'm a wolf for lambs
And I'm a fucking plane to land
Hudson man is who I am
All this fame will come to end
My legacy will always stand
And all these stars will shine like cams
Like the ones held by my fans
When the mic touches in my hands
And I give these believers sermons


No Ima stay fuckin on it
And go fast like I am super sonic
And feel good like I have some tonic
And feel stable when I on some chronic
And feel so great it feels so toxic
And steal home plate like some Red Sox shit
And risk take like I'm out here fronting
With some bling, I just not stunting
But these girls just so stunning
And heres me I'm just no cunning
But I'll just stay planning
Log em up in the phone, Im Paul Bunyan
Heres their boys, but I'm not running
I have my army and they are gunning
And you hide, but we are coming
And you cry but we're not loving
Sucks for you
Trunk for two
Inhale a doob
Headshot a noob
On the call of duty
I call for duty
I am unruly
Ruling shit
Fuck em all
And fuck all of it
They all can bow
To the king who spits
Fire flame
In a fir game
Satan pulsates inside my veins
When I sustain
A mic to maim
With my brutal words
My words insane
They're locked away
In an asylum
Just strapped down
And in a white room
But burn it down
Restand tall
They thought I died
But I'm God is all
And I'm may seem sad
But I'll let you know on that last call
When I blast off
Track Name: Stable
[Verse 1]
Don't give a fuck
Don't give a fuck
Give a fuck
And I try
But why I suck
Usually after I ejaculate
And contemplate
Noose tied up
Talk about tongue tied
And cut tongues of those who lied
Lying on the bed with a snake inside
Coiled up with eyes cross eyed
Asking me if I enjoy the ride
And take their wheel
Jesus in the back
Blunt in hand just trynna relax
With headphones in
Ignoring my prayers
Asking questions
With answers I'm scared
Life's unfair
Why can't I make it
With my skills up there
Maybe what I want is to be famous
Listen to Drake and think I'm this
But get to a mic and I think unfit
And I think I'm right
But I thought like lit
And I thought but then I guess
Could I make it white and pissed
Stereotype on a stereo and mic
Looking like I bring guns to a fist fight

And I'm sad
But I'm glad
I'm positive
And mad
I'm unsure
But I'm sure
Indecisive if rap is my cure
If I am pure or pissed
So many thoughts
with the words that I've brought to the table
Am I stable?

"Am I capable
Can I step up for this
Or am I a bitch
Might as well get up and stand for it
Do I believe
Is this a life or dream"

[Verse 2]
Wake up off the mental battlefield
Walk home with nothing else to feel
I'm numb, bummed and unreal
Fasten up
Am I fast enough
Have a cup
Of drugs with ka
KIA cuz I stayed to lay
Make sure you were safe and okay
I stood up
Fucked up
Locked out of my own damn thoughts bruh
Only to put yours first, dumb
I'm unstable
To make my world a safe haven
Put my feelings on the pavement
See you lowkey have me raging
Hulking but my love is saving
One day the chain will snap
I'll unleash on the world and slap
Climb the ladder and win the bank
Show these weaks I am a tank
And there in a tank
With a shark and think
They wont want more and it'll be too late
Whose laughing now?
"Haha damn"
Now this is how I contemplate